eCommerce and beauty is the perfect match.

Total online sales in Europe reached €650 billion in 2017, up by 12%. Meanwhile, the beauty category shows among the strongest growth figures, and particularly online.

E Commerce advantages

Focusing primarily on online distribution keeps costs to a minimum and enables Swiss Clinic to invest in the product and deliver on its promise: to make it affordable for anyone to make a real difference in their appearance.

Digital target group

Our target group spend a lot of time online, for shopping, socializing, entertainment and information seeking. They are savvy and well-educated about beauty treatments overall and are curious to try new things. And they want it delivered tomorrow.

Online vs. Retail

Online sales in Europe are up by double-digit numbers annually, and Beauty, Skincare and Make-up are among the categories with the highest growth.

$0 billion
Total beauty sales worldwide


The Swiss Clinic unique eFranchise platform allows partners to benefit in full from our experience and expertise within eCommerce and beauty. It is a turnkey solution for online success.

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