Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to make safe, lasting changes to their health and beauty, at home.

For people who want to change something in their appearance in order to look or feel better, why isn’t there anything in between skincare products with short-term effects, if any, and expensive and often complicated clinical treatments?

Our story

That’s the question our founders asked themselves in 2011 when they were exploring the beauty industry. They discovered that there was a huge gap to fill in the market and together they set out to create a new and unique line of clinical beauty products and tools that could be applied at home. Treatments that would bring about real changes that last longer than over-the-counter cosmetics and skincare. Looking for suppliers that could live up to the very high demands required for their business idea, they discovered that the epicenter of precision tooling and advanced scientific research was found in Switzerland.

The success was immediate and growth has been exponential since the launch in 2012. Focusing primarily on online distribution keeps costs to a minimum and enables the company to deliver on their promise: to make it affordable for anyone to make a real difference in their appearance. Today, the company is firmly based in both Sweden and Switzerland. R&D takes place in in Zurich, while marketing and management is handled from Stockholm.


Swiss Clinic launches its first beauty ecommerce platform in Sweden and Norway with five functional home treatments.


A year-over-year growth of 400% sets the standard and a completely new ecommerce platform is launched together with presence in Finland late 2013 and two new product categories.


The birth of e-franchise. Denmark is the first market to launch on the domain venture license. An additional four SKU´s are presented to the markets, growth continuous to be in three figures and a beauty subscription feature is released across all countries.


The milestone +100.000 treatments sold is reached and a Center of Excellence is established in Zürich, Switzerland. Swiss Clinic is awarded several prestigious awards among them “Innovation of the year” at the Swedish Beauty Awards.


Offices are established in London and Barcelona. Brand revenue passes 5 MEUR and customer satisfaction reaches all-time. Group websites has on average 800.000 monthly visitors and a capital injection with e-commerce savvy investor eEquity ensures continuous growth.


Focus on Swiss Clinic is on product expansion and streamlining the company’s influencer marketing strategy. A central partnership is entered with a Dutch partner and presence in Amsterdam for a Benelux launch. The aim is set on a second continent and Global expansion is next.


We’re committed to delivering value not only to our consumers, but also to our business partners.

Sebastian Gordon
CEO, Co-founder

Born in 1982 in Stockholm Sweden, Sebastian started his entrepreneurial trip at age of 25. He graduated from Norwegian Business School with a degree in Finance but the way to the beauty industry took its turn through founding ventures in the event and digital media territory. With no formal training in the field but fascination for the industry Gordon was inspired to create a brand that makes it accessible for anyone to make a real difference in their appearance. Partnering with world renowned developers in Switzerland, the epicenter of precision tooling and skincare, he leads the developers on a day-to-day operation to create advanced treatments between skincare products with short-term effects and expensive and complicated clinical treatments.

Considered a young CEO in the industry, Gordon is somewhat of a pioneer and has been recognized for his focus between the connection of beauty and ecommerce in several magazines such as PS, Tidningen Kosmetik, Plaza Man to name a few.

Fredrik Kristensson
Chief Growth Officer, Co-founder

Fredrik Kristensson was born in 1979 in Malmö, Sweden. He has been working internationally in a number of different fields since leaving university at the age of 24. Among other things, he built and led the sales team for a large real estate private equity firm based in Spain with over 70 MEUR of assets under management. Passionate about creating value for both corporations and consumers, Kristensson has been involved in several different start-ups. As a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record, he became convinced that his next endeavor would be a consumer-oriented brand with a strong digital platform, and with a business model that would be designed for global upscaling.

As Chief Growth Officer, goal-oriented and enthusiastic Kristensson manages all of Swiss Clinic’s marketing and sales teams across nine countries and two continents. One of his main functions is to inspire his staff to constantly stay ahead when it comes to developing digital strategies and to find new, innovative ways of utilizing different channels. With his expertise in digital strategy and his past successes to prove it, Kristensson is a popular lecturer for both big and small audiences. For instance, he was recently called in as an expert at a meeting on digitalization held by the Swedish government.

Board of directors

  • Center of Excellence Center of Excellence
  • eFranchise eFranchise market
  • Fully-owned Fully-owned subsidiary

“We are constantly looking for potential partners in new markets. We have identified mid-size e-commerce groups and media owners as suitable investors and partners. We search for robust local knowledge, digital acumen and professional networkers”
— Fredrik Kristensson, CGO Swiss Clinic